Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Travel Tales: LA to Akron 2014 - Day Three

I had an amazing room at the hotel. Since the number of people who were staying in Effingham was smaller than usual that night, the clerk gave me a suite for the same price as a regular room. If I had to stay for a couple days, at least I would have wonderful accommodations. After a exhausting day of driving in the rain, I slept well and did not hear the storm when it hit.

Most of the rain from the first storm system came during the night. I had six hours to go, so I had the time to wait at the hotel until the rain moved northeast. However, I could not wait too long. News reports warned that another weather system that was even more severe was on its way east and would be in the area in the early afternoon.

I was lucky that I was able to use I-70 instead of the bypass to get through Indianapolis since morning rush hour had ended. The next major city was Columbus and I would reach it before the evening rush hour. The day was dismal, but not as challenging to drive as the previous day's stretch had been.

One thing I noticed when I was driving east was the change in gas prices. Of course, California has the highest prices and I get used to those prices when I stay there. What else am I going to do? As I drove east, I watched the prices get lower and lower. The lowest price as always was in Joplin, Missouri. Then the prices went up again as I continued to drive east. What has been amazing to me every year is to find the highest gas prices outside California are in Northeast Ohio.

Welcome Home

I arrived at my house at 4:00 in the afternoon. I like to have an arrival time during the day so if something is wrong in the house, I can make some phone calls about it. I picked up some food so I would have something to eat. My neighbors saw me pull in the garage, but they knew I had said I wanted a few days to rest before anyone knew I was home. An hour after my arrival the stormy weather started, but I did not care. I was safely back in my house. I am always so relieved to complete my entire journey and pull the car back into the garage. Since this trip was a physical challenge on both segments,  I was happy to be home to let my body heal from my injuries.
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