Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the Road: Love for the Honda Civic

Honda Civic
Honda Civic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Driving cross country is not easy. I have to be vigilant about weather conditions, road conditions and the actions of other drivers. I really put my car through a lot. However, the real stress for my car begins when I arrive in the Los Angeles area. The question is will my Honda Civic return with me to Ohio?

One day this past winter it happened again. As I walked to my car, I noticed the note. I did not have to read it. I already knew what it said. The message was the same as all the other notes. The individual wanted to know if I would sell the Civic to him. I am grateful these people always respectfully ask to buy the car and they do not decide to steal it.

At first I was confused when I first got the notes. Why would anyone be interested in a Civic? I went from two Mustangs to a VW bug convertible to a minivan to an Explorer. After losing the Explorer in an accident, I wanted to get a more fuel efficient vehicle. The best cars at that time for that purpose were the Corolla and the Civic. I found a really good price on the Civic and the car had a sunroof which was important to me since our dog would be traveling with us. I remember when I bought the car that I was disappointed because the car seemed so plain. I wished it had been sportier looking, but at least I was saving money on gas. The hardest part of finding the car was getting a color other than white or silver, but after a lengthy search, I was successful in finding an extremely low mileage one in a nice color.

On every trip to California I would find notes on the car from people who wished to purchase the Civic. I could not understand why they would want it. When one person at my hotel saw me with my car, he asked if I minded if he drove it. Really? I hardly know you and you want me to just hand over the keys? He said he just wanted the opportunity to drive a Honda Civic on the highways in Los Angeles.

The notes and the requests happened so often that I decided to google to find out the attraction of the Civic....and there it was. The fans of The Fast and the Furious love the Honda Civic. Racing Civics is a big activity in California. I am glad I researched this because now I know if I need someone to shoot at a car behind me, all I have to do is open the sunroof for the passenger to fire. I also did not realize the Civic could fit under a semi. Learn something new everyday. Now I appreciate the coolness factor of the car.

I do want to point out that the Civic in the photo is not my car. My Civic has been an amazing car on my trips and I hope to keep it for several more years. Even though it is not a flashy car, the Civic is the best car I have ever owned. Over the years this car has saved me a lot of money on gas. On the highway I get 40 mpg. During the time I have owned this car, I have learned that the gas mileage is more important the the appearance of the car. My next car will also be as fuel efficient as possible. Someday I may decide to call the phone number on the next note that is left on the car. With my luck I feel fairly sure that when I finally decide to sell my car, no one will leave a note and I will just have to trade in the car!

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