Monday, July 7, 2014

On the Road: Prescriptions

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Having medicines run out on a long trip can be a problem for travelers. My medicines are filled at the Target pharmacy. If I need a refill while I am on the road, I simply go to any Target pharmacy and give them the number on the prescription bottle. They will refill it without a problem. Be advised that the cost of the prescription may vary with the state. For example, one medicine I buy in Ohio is $10 for a three month supply. The same medicine is $24 in California. Nothing can be done about this. Check for details on the Target website before leaving on a trip.

Another reason why I get my medicines from Target is if I lose my medications or need another medication while I am on vacation, my doctor can call the local Target and since it is a national chain I can purchase that prescription at a Target near me.

If a traveler receives his medications through a mail order pharmacy, he should be sure to have them sent to a safe location. Some delivery services leave the package at the door when the person is not in the room. When I walk around town, I see packages left on porches and wonder if anyone ever steals them. At the hotel where I used to stay, guests had their packages stolen frequently. Be sure to make secure arrangements and know what the policy is if a hotel guest or tenant is not present to receive the package.

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