Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the Road: RVs and Campers

English: Caravan of Heartland Bighorns on the ...
English: Caravan of Heartland Bighorns on the way to the Summer 2009 Oregon Rally in Winchester, OR. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The most knowledgeable people of the interstates are the RV campers and truckers. I have learned so much from them! Never has there been a time that I have regretted asking any of these people for advice or information while I travel. They have always been kind and helpful.

These experienced travelers know the camping areas, but they are also familiar with the hotels, so do not be afraid to ask them questions. They are also knowledgeable about the best restaurants and gas stations. I always make sure that when I am asking someone I do not know a question, I do it in a place where many other people are - like a rest area during the day or a travel center. I never talk to people when it is on a one-to-one basis or at night.

When I am unsure of which route would be the best one for me to drive on a trip, I search the internet for the message boards for RV drivers, who have to tow a large load along the roads. The travelers who post on the message boards will give their experiences and difficulties with certain interstates. These drivers describe the conditions of the road and the difficulties of hauling trailers up the mountains on certain highways. A map or atlas will show the direction of the routes, but not the challenges those roads present to drivers. Some of the message boards will debate topics such as whether I-70, I-80 or I-90 is the best way west for the northern route. These boards are an interesting source of information for drivers of any type of vehicle.

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