Friday, July 4, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: Indiana and Iowa

Interstate 80, western Iowa.
Interstate 80, western Iowa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Interstate 65 has three auxiliary highways in Indiana. Interstate 265, which leaves I-64 and travels 32 miles east crosses I-65 to SR 62. I-265 is north of Louisville, Kentucky. Interstate 465 is the 53 mile long beltway around Indianapolis. For the I-70 travelers, the northern part of this bypass is the longest. The western side is shortest for I-65 drivers. I-70 and I-65 seem to form an "X" across Indianapolis. Although taking the bypass is a good choice for drivers on either of those two interstates during rush hour, driving on the main interstates during slow traffic times is the faster option. At the northwest corner of I-465 is Interstate 865. This highway of five miles links the bypass to I-65. In the southwest corner of the state is Interstate 164 which departs I-64 at Exit 29 and heads south for just over 21 miles into Evansville. The last highway is Interstate 469 which curves to the east of I-69 to form a half circle of 31 miles around Fort Wayne.

Three of the auxiliary highways in Iowa are connected to Interstate 80. Having its beginning in Illinois, Interstate 280 forms the western and southern interstate routes around the Quad Cities. It leaves I-80 at Exit 290 and travels south and then east across the Mississippi River into Illinois where it ends at I-80 outside Colona. Interstate 380 begins near Waterloo and travels south for 73 miles until ending at I-80 near Iowa City. Two highways have their beginnings in Iowa, but end in Nebraska. Interstate 480 is less than five miles long and leaves I-80 in Omaha, crosses the Missouri River into Iowa and ends at I-29 in Council Bluffs. North of that is Interstate 680 which forms an alternate route around Omaha to the west and north. Exit 446 is the departure point from I-80 in Nebraska and Exit 61 on I-29 in Iowa is where the 43 miles of this highway end. The last is Interstate 235 which provides a route through Des Moines of 14 miles. Exit 123 on I-35 is the beginning of this run and Exit 138 on I-80 is the end.

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