Friday, July 11, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: Kansas

English: Exit 42 from the Kansas Turnpike. Esp...
English: Exit 42 from the Kansas Turnpike. Español: Salida 42 del Kansas Turnpike. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
All of the highways mentioned in this post are in the eastern half of Kansas. Interstate 70 has two auxiliaries. Interstate 470 is located in Topeka and has a length of almost 14 miles. It leaves I-70 at Exit 355 and dips south and then east to provide a route to the southern part of Topeka. It rejoins I-70 at Exit 183 as part of the Kansas Turnpike. Interstate 670 is a three mile long highway that links the Kansas City section in Kansas with the Kansas City section in Missouri. Also in Kansas City are two auxiliary highways for I-35. Interstate 435, which is the beltway around both sections of Kansas City, is 81 miles long. If the traffic is slow, taking the main interstate is the better option. Leaving I-29 in Missouri and traveling south for 13 miles is Interstate 635, which joins I-35 in Overland Park, Kansas.

Interstate 335 travels south from Topeka to Emporia. On the map I-35 appears to link the two cities; however, I-35 turns east at Emporia and continues to Kansas City. I-335 takes over the journey of 50 miles to Topeka. The major route between Salina and Wichita is Interstate 135 which runs north to south for 96 miles. It begins at I-70 in Salina and ends at the Kansas Turnpike (I-35) in Wichita. Finally, Interstate 235 runs along the western side of Wichita for just over 16 miles and then rejoins I-135.

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