Friday, July 18, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine

Aerial view of Interstate 275 in the city of S...
Aerial view of Interstate 275 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The two of the three auxiliary highways in Kentucky are in Louisville. Interstate 264 is 23 miles long and links I-64 with I-71. I-264, which forms a loop around the south side of Louisville, is also known as the Georgia Davis Powers Expressway and the Henry Watterson Expressway. To the south of I-264 is Interstate 265. This highway, which is 24.48 miles long and connects I-65 with I-71, runs along the southern section of Louisville. It is also known as the Gene Snyder Expressway. The last route is Interstate 275. This highway of 82 miles is the beltway around Cincinnati, Ohio. The route of I-275 takes it to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Interstate 220 in Louisiana is 18 miles in length and provides a bypass for traffic in Shreveport. It leaves I-20 at Exit 11 and travels north and east of I-20 before rejoining that interstate at Exit 26. Interstate 10 has several auxiliary highways. Interstate 110 is nine miles long and travels in a north-south direction. It begins at US 61 in Baton Rouge and runs south to I-10 joining it at Exit 155B. Providing a bypass of just over 12 miles in Lake Charles is Interstate 210. This highway travels south of I-10. Interstate 310, which is just over 11 miles long, begins at US 90 and ends at I-10 near Kenner. In New Orleans are several short highways that connect to I-10. Interstate 510, which is five miles long, connects LA 47 to I-10. At a length of just over four miles Interstate 610 provides an alternate route when I-10 dips to the south. Interstate 910 begins its journey of ten miles at US 90 Bus in Marrero and ends at I-10 in New Orleans.

Three of Maine's auxiliary highways are five miles or less each. Interstate 195 uses its two miles to connect I-95 to SR 5 in Saco. The five miles of Interstate 395 join I-95 to US 1 in Brewer. Interstate 495 is almost four miles and connects I-95 in Portland with I-295 in Falmouth. Finally, Interstate 295  provides an alternative to the Maine Turnpike. I-295 runs parallel to the southeast of the turnpike for 52 miles.

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