Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Travel Tales: One Little Change & Sunglasses

The time has come for me to make a decision about this blog. All the interstates with one or two digit numbers have been covered and those with three digits have sixteen posts left.

I have been posting twice a week since December 19, 2011. Although this blog is fun to do, it is also hard work. Since I hate to see the blog be completed by the end of December, I am going to make a change. Starting today, I will post on Tuesdays, but not on Fridays. That change will give me at least five additional months of posts.

(Photo Credit: memyselfandtheinterstate.com)

When I buy sunglasses, I go to TJ Maxx or The Rack and pick up a pair I like. I also buy extra pairs of the same type since I wear sunglasses everyday. Over the years I had forgotten how important polarized sunglasses are especially when driving in the desert. When I went for my annual exam, the doctor suggested I wear the polarized type especially on my travels since they really cut down on glare. Glancing at shiny chrome triggers migraine headaches for me and that affects my vision. Although I am lucky I have learned the warning signs of a migraine, I still get nervous when those signs appear and I know I have about twenty minutes to eat a chocolate bar and take some Aleve. These sunglasses have really made a difference!!!

(Photo taken in 2014)

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