Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: Michigan and Minnesota

English: Lighthouse of Benton Harbor and St. J...
English: Lighthouse of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Detroit area in Michigan has the most auxiliary highways. Interstate 275 begins at I-75 north of Monroe and travels 35 miles north to I-96 near Farmington Hills. Interstate 375 uses its one mile to link the Civic Center near the Detroit River to I-75. Interstate 696 is just under 30 miles long and leaves I-94 at Exit 229 to travel west to I-96.

In Flint Interstate 475 leaves I-75 at Exit 125 and travels to the east and then south for 17 miles. It rejoins I-75 south of Flint after passing over I-69. Interstate 675 in Saginaw leaves I-75 at Exit 155 and travels southwest and then east for eight miles before joining I-75 at Exit 150. The 12 miles of Interstate 496 in Lansing begin their journey at Exit 95 on I-96. I-496 travels directly east and then takes a turn directly south at Red Cedar. It rejoins I-96 at Exit 106. Finally, Interstate 196 begins its journey west and then south when it departs I-96 at Exit 37 in Grand Rapids. It travels 81 miles and ends in Benton Harbor where it joins I-94.

Three of the four auxiliary interstates in Minnesota are located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Interstate 394 is ten miles in length and links I-494 to 4th Street in Minneapolis. Leaving I-94 at Exit 216 is Interstate 494 that travels to the south along the western side of Minneapolis before making a right turn to the east at Eden Prairie. After taking another turn to the north at the Mississippi River, this highway rejoins I-94 at Exit 249. At this exit I-494 becomes Interstate 694 which travels 31 miles north and then west to join I-494 at Exit 216. The two together create a beltway around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area with I-494 on the Minneapolis side and I-694 on the St. Paul side. Interstate 535 in Duluth uses its three miles to connect I-35 to US 53 in Superior, Wisconsin.

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