Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: Massachusetts

The Harbor Towers (far right) are very promine...
The Harbor Towers (far right) are very prominent in the Boston skyline when viewed from Boston Harbor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Interstates 90, 91 and 95 all have auxiliary highways in Massachusetts. The longest of these is the 121 miles of Interstate 495 which is the bypass for the city of Boston. I-495, which departs from Interstate 95 as soon as that interstate enters Massachusetts, travels to the west of I-95 and links the cities of Lawrence, Chelmsford, Hudson, Franklin and Middleboro. It crosses I-95 in the south and continues east ending at I-195. Interstate 195, which is 40 miles long, begins in Providence, Rhode Island at I-95 and ends at I-495 near Wareham. Beginning at I-95 in Warwick, Rhode Island is Interstate 295 that travels 27 miles to the west of I-95 and ends in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Interstate 395 runs 66.63 miles from I-90 in Auburn to I-95 in East Lyme, Connecticut.

Interstate 190 is just over 19 miles and connects Route 2 in Leominster with I-290 in Worcester. The 20 miles of Interstate 290 connect I-90 to I-495. Finally, the last two auxiliary highways are very short. Interstate 291 is just over five miles long and joins I-91 to I-90. Linking I-91 to High Street in Holyoke is the less than five miles of Interstate 391.

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