Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: New York I-90

View north on Interstate 390 from NY 36 near S...
View north on Interstate 390 from NY 36 near Sonyea, NY, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
New York is the only state to have nine auxiliary highways for one interstate. These roads are a complete set of spurs for Interstate 90, which is known as the New York Thruway. Interstate 190 is just over 28 miles long. It begins its journey south from Highway 405 in Lewiston at the border of Canada and runs to the east of Niagara Falls. It crosses the Niagara East River twice and continues south through Buffalo. It ends at I-90 in Cheektowaga. Also in the Buffalo area is Interstate 290 which is ten miles long. It connects I-190 in Tonawanda to I-90 in Williamsville. Just over six miles is Interstate 990 which is located in Amherst and joins I-190 to NY 263 by Lockport. This highway does not connect directly to I-90.

In the Rochester area is Interstate 390 which 76 miles to the west of the city. This highway joins I-86 to I-490. Interstate 490, which is just over 37 miles long, departs I-90 at Bergen and rejoins it at Victor. Finally, the short five miles of Interstate 590 connect I-390 to I-490. This highway does not connect directly to I-90.

Interstate 690 in Syracuse uses its 14 miles to join I-90 to I-481. It runs parallel to the south of I-90. Traveling for less than three miles in Utica is Interstate 790.  This highway connects I-90 to NY 5A. Connecting I-90 in Rotterdam to I-90 in Guilderland are the ten miles of Interstate 890.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On the Road: Taking Many Many Photos

I have to be honest. I love taking photos. With digital cameras I can shoot as many photos as I want in any situation. When I am on a trip, I take all my cameras with me and I shoot hundreds of pictures. When I travel, I never know if I will return to the area, so I take the opportunity to photograph everything. I take my Big Canon with its two lenses and my little Canon. The Big Canon is the one I use when I know I am going to a scenic location. I take the time to shoot photos with each of the two lenses and really just play around to see if I can shoot a really outstanding picture. If I am going to an event where I do not want to take my camera bag, I take the Little Canon. This camera will fit inside my purse and I have had it long enough that I know its capabilities.

(Photo credit: memyselfandtheinterstate.com)
My newest camera is my Nikon which I purchased this year. We were going kayaking and I needed a waterproof camera. I figured the money was well-spent because I was also hiking in dusty conditions caused by the drought and I was afraid the dust could damage a regular camera. Fortunately, Target decided to mark down the model of camera I wanted to half-price. I purchased a floating camera strap for the Nikon, so my waterproof camera would not end up at the bottom of the Pacific. It has proved to be a great camera in rugged conditions.

I also use the camera on my iPhone, but not as much as the others. I keep forgetting the phone has a camera!! Sometimes when I am out with all my cameras, I take photos of the same object with each different camera. I know the order in which I took the pictures, but no one else would be able to tell the difference because they are all of great quality.

Although I put all my photos on my computer, I never delete them from the cards. I do this just in case something happens to the computer. They are also stored on a hard drive. I still do these things even though the photos are in the iCloud. It is an old habit! I also do a big organization of my photos once year. At that time I email the photos of people I have met during that year to those individuals. I do this in case I forgot to send them earlier. Forgetting about the people I met on vacation is easy to do when I return to my regular routine at home. The yearly photo organization is a good way to bring back those vacation memories.

One last area is the camera bag. Every time Target marks down a camera bag to a ridiculously low price, I have to buy it! Each camera has its own bag, but this year Target marked down one of their large bags, so my cameras are all together with their accessories in a well-padded environment!!!

(Photo taken in 2014)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: New York's I-78, I-81, I-85 and I-87

English: Sign for I-678 south on the exit ramp...
English: Sign for I-678 south on the exit ramp from I-278 east. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Interstate 78 has four auxiliary highways in New York. Interstate 278, which is 36 miles long, joins the Bruckner Interchange in the Bronx with US 1 in Linden, New Jersey. With just over two miles of highway, Interstate 478 connects I-278 in Brooklyn with NY 9A in Manhattan. Interstate 678 uses its 14 miles to link John F. Kennedy International Airport to the Bruckner Interchange in the Bronx. Finally, less than a mile of Interstate 878 joins I-678 to the JFK Expressway.

Interstate 481 leaves I-81 at Exit 29 in Syracuse and travels east and then south for 15 miles until it rejoins I-81 at Exit 16A. The five miles of Interstate 781 connect I-81 at Exit 48A to the main gate of Fort Drum. Near White Plains Interstate 684 travels 28 miles to join I-287 to NY 22. Interstate 287 connects I-95 in Rye with I-95 in Edison, New Jersey. Its 99 miles forms a partial beltway around New York City. Just over one mile long is Interstate 587 which links I-87 to NY 28 in Kingston. Connecting I-87 to the NY 7 in Green Island is the ten miles of Interstate 787.

Interstate 95 has four auxiliary highways in New York. Linking the Bruckner Interchange with NY 25 in Queens, Interstate 295 is nine miles long. Interstate 495 is 71 miles in length and links the Queens Midtown Tunnel in Manhattan to CR 58 in Riverhead. Connecting I-95 to I-295 in the Bronx is Interstate 695 which is just over a mile long. Also just over a mile in length is Interstate 895 which connects I-95 to I-278 in the Bronx.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On the Road: Do Not Disturb

English: iphone Deutsch: iphone
English: iphone  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I am on the road, people like to call and check up on me. I am grateful for the concern, but I will not talk on the cell phone while I am driving through a city or through a tricky section of road. However, I am happy to talk to people when I am driving on a straight stretch. Although I have people who know the sections of the interstate I will be driving for the day, no one ever really knows when I stop for a rest or knows where I am at any given time. Most people do not know what time zone I am in and calls can come at an inopportune time. While communication comes because people are concerned, the calls can disturb my sleep if I stop early to get some sleep.

This situation has happened to me in the past, but not on my recent trips. Now I have the iPhone that has a "Do Not Disturb" feature which I was able to utilize on recent trips. I can set my phone to block calls for a certain length of time, but people who are listed in the Favorites section of my contact list will still have their calls sent through to ring. I made sure to have only my daughter in this section, so her calls or texts will always get through to me.  All other texts and calls will be displayed when I turn off the "Do Not Disturb" feature. For example, someone I knew sent me birthday wishes from Akron at just before 7:00 in the morning East Coast time. My phone received that message at 3:55 Pacific Time, but the text did not wake me because I had the "Do Not Disturb" feature activated.

While on the subject of the iPhone, I was able to take advantage of a great feature. On past trips I had to rely on someone to keep me informed about the weather. I do not text and drive nor do I try to read the screen of my phone while I am driving. I do that for safety reasons, but also because I am incapable of performing those two functions at once. With this phone all I had to do was press one button and ask, "Siri, what is the weather in St. Louis?" Siri told me what the weather conditions were. This was so great and really added to the safety of the trip. When I am traveling alone, I do not have another person to find information for me. Now I have Siri to serve as a valuable assistant.

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