Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On the Road: Taking Many Many Photos

I have to be honest. I love taking photos. With digital cameras I can shoot as many photos as I want in any situation. When I am on a trip, I take all my cameras with me and I shoot hundreds of pictures. When I travel, I never know if I will return to the area, so I take the opportunity to photograph everything. I take my Big Canon with its two lenses and my little Canon. The Big Canon is the one I use when I know I am going to a scenic location. I take the time to shoot photos with each of the two lenses and really just play around to see if I can shoot a really outstanding picture. If I am going to an event where I do not want to take my camera bag, I take the Little Canon. This camera will fit inside my purse and I have had it long enough that I know its capabilities.

(Photo credit: memyselfandtheinterstate.com)
My newest camera is my Nikon which I purchased this year. We were going kayaking and I needed a waterproof camera. I figured the money was well-spent because I was also hiking in dusty conditions caused by the drought and I was afraid the dust could damage a regular camera. Fortunately, Target decided to mark down the model of camera I wanted to half-price. I purchased a floating camera strap for the Nikon, so my waterproof camera would not end up at the bottom of the Pacific. It has proved to be a great camera in rugged conditions.

I also use the camera on my iPhone, but not as much as the others. I keep forgetting the phone has a camera!! Sometimes when I am out with all my cameras, I take photos of the same object with each different camera. I know the order in which I took the pictures, but no one else would be able to tell the difference because they are all of great quality.

Although I put all my photos on my computer, I never delete them from the cards. I do this just in case something happens to the computer. They are also stored on a hard drive. I still do these things even though the photos are in the iCloud. It is an old habit! I also do a big organization of my photos once year. At that time I email the photos of people I have met during that year to those individuals. I do this in case I forgot to send them earlier. Forgetting about the people I met on vacation is easy to do when I return to my regular routine at home. The yearly photo organization is a good way to bring back those vacation memories.

One last area is the camera bag. Every time Target marks down a camera bag to a ridiculously low price, I have to buy it! Each camera has its own bag, but this year Target marked down one of their large bags, so my cameras are all together with their accessories in a well-padded environment!!!

(Photo taken in 2014)

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