Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: New York I-90

View north on Interstate 390 from NY 36 near S...
View north on Interstate 390 from NY 36 near Sonyea, NY, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
New York is the only state to have nine auxiliary highways for one interstate. These roads are a complete set of spurs for Interstate 90, which is known as the New York Thruway. Interstate 190 is just over 28 miles long. It begins its journey south from Highway 405 in Lewiston at the border of Canada and runs to the east of Niagara Falls. It crosses the Niagara East River twice and continues south through Buffalo. It ends at I-90 in Cheektowaga. Also in the Buffalo area is Interstate 290 which is ten miles long. It connects I-190 in Tonawanda to I-90 in Williamsville. Just over six miles is Interstate 990 which is located in Amherst and joins I-190 to NY 263 by Lockport. This highway does not connect directly to I-90.

In the Rochester area is Interstate 390 which 76 miles to the west of the city. This highway joins I-86 to I-490. Interstate 490, which is just over 37 miles long, departs I-90 at Bergen and rejoins it at Victor. Finally, the short five miles of Interstate 590 connect I-390 to I-490. This highway does not connect directly to I-90.

Interstate 690 in Syracuse uses its 14 miles to join I-90 to I-481. It runs parallel to the south of I-90. Traveling for less than three miles in Utica is Interstate 790.  This highway connects I-90 to NY 5A. Connecting I-90 in Rotterdam to I-90 in Guilderland are the ten miles of Interstate 890.

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