Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: North Carolina

(Photo credit: memyselfandtheinterstate.com)
Interstate 40 in North Carolina has five auxiliary highways. Interstate 140 is seven miles long and is located in Wilmington. It connects US 17 to I-40. In Asheville Interstate 240 uses its nine miles to provide an alternate route through the city. I-240, which departs I-40 at Exit 46 and rejoins it at Exit 53, runs north of I-40.  Interstate 440 encircles most of Raleigh to form a bypass. It leaves I-40 near Cary and rejoins it in Raleigh after a trip of 16 miles. Interstate 40 forms the southern part of this circle. Running north of I-440 is the half circle of Interstate 540. It departs I-40 at Exit 283 and runs to the north and then to the east for 26 miles before joining US 64 at Knightdale. Almost six miles in length, Interstate 840, running in a north-south direction, joins I-40/I73 with I-40/I-85 in Greensboro.

Joining Interstate 85 in Charlotte with NC 115 in Huntersville is Interstate 485. This highway of 62 miles does not form a complete circle around Charlotte. It does not cover the northern section. Interstate 785 is just over two miles long and joins I-40 to US 70 in Greensboro. Leaving I-95 and traveling west is Interstate 295. It departs I-95 at Exit 58 and runs west to US 401. Interstate 495 is four miles long and joins I-440 in Raleigh to I-540 near Knightdale. Finally, Interstate 795, which is just over 25 miles long, connects US 70 in Goldsboro to I-95/US 264 in Wilson.

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