Monday, December 1, 2014

On the Road: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Usually I write about the places I see while I am traveling across the United States. I do not write about the attractions located near me because I am so used to being around them. Cuyahoga National Park is one of those places. Long before it became a national park, The Valley was a beautiful place for family and friends to hike, bike, sled and picnic.

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This park, which is located between Akron and Cleveland, is the only national park in Ohio. This area became a national park in 2000 and has no entrance fee. One way to get an idea of the great beauty of the park is to take the train. The ride is reasonably priced and passengers can view rivers, swamps, forests and hillsides from the comfort of the train car which has refreshments available. Cyclists can get on the train with their bikes and pay $3.00 to ride the train one way. Then they can ride their bikes back to their cars.

A good place to begin a visit is in Peninsula. Signs will direct tourists to parking near the railroad track and river. The town has restaurants and small shops and also serves as a stop for the train. My preference is to go north from here. After viewing the lock for the old canal, visitors should turn around and hike the trail north without crossing over the bridge.

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Rivers, swamps, old farms, covered bridges and old canal locks are just some of the attractions available for tourists. This park is a serene and a beautiful place to visit.

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