Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Travel Tales: Akron to LA 2014 - Day 4

(Photo credit: memyselfandtheinterstate.com)
We had a restful night at the Red Cliffs Lodge and were going to stay there another night. Today was Canyonlands National Park. Many many years ago I visited the southern section of the park, so I was excited to see the Islands in the Sky. The beauty of this park was unbelievable! We loved hiking to Mesa Arch. Some people would stand on the arch, but we thought it was too windy to attempt that feat. The cold weather was a factor in keeping the crowds small. A vacationer from Salt Lake City told us his family always visits the park just before Thanksgiving, but this year he found the weather colder than in other years.

(Photo credit: memyselfandtheinterstate.com)
Some vistas of the park were similar to those of the Grand Canyon. Other sections reminded me of the Petrified Forest. We were amazed at how one park could have so many different aspects to it. As we were visiting Canyonlands, we saw several snow storms in the area, but we did not have to deal with driving through them. They seemed to stay in the La Sal Mountains.

After visiting Canyonlands, I have to say it is one of my favorite national parks. On my cross-country excursions, I have driven on I-70 through Utah many times. I have marveled at the desolate countryside and wanted to drive through it. Driving through this park shows travelers the embarrassment of riches the state of Utah has in regard to incredibly beautiful scenery. I was very happy to finally have the opportunity to explore this land. I plan to return as soon as possible.

(Photo credit: memyselfandtheinterstate.com)

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