Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Travel Tales: LA to Akron 2015 - Day Two

English: I-35 entering Kansas
English: I-35 entering Kansas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I slept well in Amarillo, but the room was not as clean as it should have been. I said something about that to the man behind the desk as I checked out and he made good on the situation. The day would be clear with no weather problems. I was not going to follow my normal route this time because I wanted to visit a friend. I could have taken short cuts to get to Topeka, but heavy snow had fallen in the area in the previous week. I decided to be on the safe side and take the interstates.

I drove to Oklahoma City and when I arrived, I noticed the same situation as I have noticed on previous trips. Motorists who were driving east on Interstate 40 and wanted to travel north on Interstate 44 would encounter a long line of cars waiting at the exit. To avoid that backup I decided to continue east and catch Interstate 35 north. Drivers traveling north had a slowdown for a while. On the south side of I-35 was a five-car accident and on the north side was a two-car accident. Once I cleared that, I was fine. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas had 75 mph speed limits that enabled me to make good time, but Oklahoma had 70. I was able to resume the 75 mph once I crossed into Kansas.

Eight hours were completed on this day. Some people wonder why I obsess about the weather the way I do when planning a trip. I do it so I can have a driving day like this. Traveling cross country is hard enough without adding challenging weather to the mix! I brought my bags inside my friend's house, brushed my hair and left to attend a community fundraiser for a person who had high medical bills. I was surprised I had the energy, but eight hours is a really short day for me. After this visit I will have only one more day on the road!

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