Friday, July 24, 2015

On the Road: Cajon Pass Fire

English: View of Cajon Pass Northbound in Cali...
English: View of Cajon Pass Northbound in California from Interstate 15. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I travel to Los Angeles, I drive 2500 miles. The most challenging twelve miles are those of the Cajon Pass. Drivers come out of the high desert and drive down the mountain on Interstate 15. The road has many turns and drivers barrel down it at high speed.

When I heard about the Cajon Pass fire on July 17, I could not imagine anything so frightening. The road is in the middle of nowhere and drivers' options were few. They had to abandon their cars on the road while fire in the area was moving toward the interstate and over the interstate. Hiking up the mountain in 95 degree weather to flee the area had to be difficult.

When I watched the people walking on the interstate, I noticed many of them had on flip-flops. Of course, they did. It was 95 degrees and they did not anticipate being involved in this situation. When I travel, I always take along a pair of tennis shoes in case something happens to the car and I have to walk. However, in everyday driving close to home, I never put a pair in the trunk. I don't know why this never occurred to me to do so when I do the majority of driving in Northeast Ohio.

I am so sorry these drivers had to go through this experience, but I am happy everyone is okay. When a situation like this happens, I think everyone should learn should learn from it. I already carry water in the car during hot weather. Candles and matches are in the car in case I am stranded in the cold weather. Now I will carry a pair of tennis shoes or hiking sandals in my car at all times. I never know when I will be in the position to walk a great distance. Better to be prepared!!

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