Friday, August 14, 2015

On the Road: Hand Sanitizers

Millions of people travel our nation's interstates. Some of these people may not be feeling well and they touch gas pumps, door handles, faucet handles and many other surfaces leaving a trail of germs behind them. Travelers cannot wash their hands after touching each object in a travel plaza, but they can take another step of protection.

The companies who manufacture hand sanitizers have made travel sizes that help fight against germs. In particular Purell has Jelly Wrap Carriers that can attach to children's backpacks. Recently, I purchased a set of three of these so I can put one in the front seat of the car. I do carry hand sanitizer in the glove compartment, but since it is out of sight I do not remember I have it. Hand sanitizers wipes are also available.

I am so good about washing my hands when I travel. That leads to another problem. I leave the restroom and go outside where it is cold. I go back into the warm car. I seldom wear gloves, so my hands start to get red. If I do not do treat them, I will have cracked skin. I carry hand lotion with me so I can avoid this problem.

Travelers may be healthy in their own environment. When they travel, they are exposed to germs from different sections of the country. Keeping one's hands clean is one way to stay healthy.

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