Friday, August 21, 2015

On the Road: Travel Plaza Concerns

English: Love's Travel Plaza on I-40, New Mexico
English: Love's Travel Plaza on I-40, New Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I prefer stopping to get gas at a travel plaza. I do not feel safe stopping at a small gas station when I am by myself. The travel plaza has a lot of people traffic, but not all of these individuals can be trusted.

For many years, I used to stop at a travel plaza outside Albuquerque. I stopped on the way to California and I stopped on the way back from California. Every time I was there I saw a woman who approached me and said she had run low on fuel and did not have enough money to purchase any gas. I told her I did not carry any cash. I saw that woman at least eight times over the years! She must have been making a lot of money from travelers.

Travel plazas are perfect places for scams because most of the people are travelers stopping for just one time. My rule of thumb is I do not interact with any of the people at the plaza. If anyone wants cash, I look surprised and say, "Do people still carry cash?" Some people want to hitch a ride. I can honestly tell them I have room for only me in my car. The rest of the vehicle is packed solid. I try to not make eye contact with anyone. To further make sure no one would want to talk to me, I do not wear makeup and do not put forth any effort on the hair. I dress in old jeans and a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. I do not carry a purse or have one visible in the car. If anything, those who see me when I travel would consider giving me money!! When I travel, I am always on my guard.

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