Saturday, October 24, 2015

National Lands: Utah (Part 1)

Thor's Hammer formation in Bryce Canyon Nation...
Thor's Hammer formation in Bryce Canyon National Park. Southwestern Utah, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The classic view of Canyonlands National Park ...
The classic view of Canyonlands National Park from the Green River Overlook, in the Island in the Sky district, Utah, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Canyonlands National Park, located near Moab, ...
Canyonlands National Park, located near Moab, Utah and Arches National Park,(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Utah, a state of incredible beauty, seems to have a welcome overload of amazing scenery. This state is home to five national parks. All five parks are located south of Interstate 70 and west of Interstate 15. Arches National Park is just south of Interstate 70 near the Colorado border outside Moab. Although it has over 2,000 arches, the park also features a variety of other land forms. Every turn of the road offers new treasures. Hiking and rock climbing are among the many activities.

North and west of Arches is Canyonlands National Park which contains absolutely breathtaking scenery. Hiking, boating and horseback riding are available is this beautiful, desolate area. To the west is Capitol Reef National Park which offers hiking, biking and climbing. The Waterpocket Fold is an amazing feature. This is also a desolate area that requires visitors to carry in a good supply of water.

To the southwest is Bryce Canyon National Park which is to the east of Interstate 15. Bryce offers hiking in a sea of hoodoos. These rock formations look like a maze of frozen trees from the canyon rim. In the southwest corner of Utah is Zion National Park which is near Interstate 15. The impressive peaks of this park are awe-inspiring. Hiking, biking and climbing are some of the myriad of activities available. All of these parks have more detailed description elsewhere on this site.

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