Friday, October 30, 2015

National Lands: Utah (Part 2)

The Rainbow Brigde National Monument
The Rainbow Brigde National Monument (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
More of Utah's spectacular scenery is located in the national monuments. North of Zion and east of Interstate 15 is Cedar Breaks National Monument. Hiking and cross country skiing are available with many other activities. Straddling the Utah-Colorado border is Dinosaur National Monument. Interstate 80 is north and Interstate 70 is south, but neither highway is close. Hiking and river rafting are available as is an education in fossils. In the Four Corners area is Hovenweep National Monument and no interstate is even close to this section in southeast Utah. Hiking is available is this park which features archeological sites. In Blanding, Natural Bridges National Monument has three bridges and hiking and camping. It is west of Hovenweep and south of Canyonlands in the southeast corner of the state. Access to Rainbow Bridge National Monument is by boat on Lake Powell. Hiking is by permit only from the Navajo Nation. Timpanogos Cave National Monument is located south of Salt Lake City and north of Orem off Interstate 15.

Overview at Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah
Overview at Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After seeing red rocks and sand, visitors to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area receive a jolt of blue to the eyes with vivid color of the lake. Many water activities are available in this park which is located in south central Utah to the east of Interstate 15. The Union and Central Pacific Railroads were joined in Utah. That spot is marked by the Golden Spike National Historic Site. This place is located west of Interstate 15 and north of the Great Salt Lake. Running through ten states is the California National Historic Trail which is located in the northern section of the state. The Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail is also in the northern part of the state east of Salt Lake City. Covering six states is Old Spanish National Historic Trail. Check on the National Park website because some of the areas are under the ownership of various agencies. Commemorating the delivery of mail over eight states is the Pony Express National Historic Trail.

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