Friday, January 15, 2016

National Lands: Oklahoma

English: The Oklahoma City National Memorial i...
English: The Oklahoma City National Memorial illuminated at dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Oklahoma's national lands reflect its rich history. The Washita National Historic Site in Cheyenne provides information on the battle with General Custer during the Indian Wars. The area is 30 miles north of Interstate 40 and 20 miles from the Texas border. The Fort Smith National Historic Site is also in Arkansas. The fort from the Indian War days is located on Interstate 40 on the Arkansas River.

The Santa Fe National Historic Trail runs through five states. The trail travels through the northwest corner of the state. No interstate is close to the area. The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail commemorates the relocation of the Cherokee people. The trail, which covers nine states, is in the eastern section of the state with Interstate 40 as the closest interstate. Chickasaw National Recreation Area is in Sulphur. This area is located in the southern section of the state and is just east of Interstate 35. Boating, hiking, swimming, fishing and camping are some of the available activities.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial honors the lives lost when the Oklahoma Federal Building was bombed in 1995. Each empty chair represents a life lost in this powerful display. Visitors can walk around the outdoor memorial. A museum is also on the grounds.

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