Friday, March 25, 2016

National Lands: Nevada

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Lake Mead National Recreation Area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nevada is crossed by two interstates. Interstate 80 travels across the northern section of the state from Reno to West Wendover. Interstate 15 is in the southern tip of the state from Las Vegas to Mesquite. To the northwest of Las Vegas on the California border is Death Valley National Park. This area is below sea level and is known for its extremely hot temperatures. The park has over three million acres of land and offers hiking, backpacking and mountain biking. Visitors should plan carefully for their visit. Make sure the car is in excellent working order and be sure to bring plenty of water. Along the middle of the eastern border is Great Basin National Park. Interstate 80 is to the north, but not close. The beautiful Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive in the mountains of the South Snake Range is 12 miles long. The Lehman Caves offer marble caves. Food and water are some of the items that are not permitted during tours. Check the park service site for a complete list. Hiking and fishing opportunities are available.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is east of Las Vegas at the southern tip of the state. Interstate 15 is directly north of the area and provides convenient access. Many different kinds of water activities are available in addition to hiking trails. The area is 1.5 million acres and the temperatures can be 120 degrees. Visitors should make sure to be prepared for their visit. Caves and hot springs are located at Black Canyon. Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument, which is 20 miles outside of Las Vegas, is new and does not have a visitor center or parking areas. Bus service is available and biking to the park is an option.
English: Manly Beacon and Red Cathedral viewed...
English: Manly Beacon and Red Cathedral viewed from Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, California, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The California National Historic Trail, which covers ten states, commemorates those who traveled west during the Gold Rush. The trail is located in the northern section of the state with Interstate 80 as the closest interstate. The Old Spanish National Historic Trail is in six states. The trail is in the southern tip of the state near Interstate 15. Running through eight states is the Pony Express National Historic Trail. In Nevada the trail cuts across the center of the state near Interstate 80. This trail honors the delivery of the mail from Missouri to California.

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