Thursday, June 23, 2016

National Lands: Massachusetts (Part 1)

English: Replica of Friendship at Salem, Mass....
English: Replica of Friendship at Salem, Mass. Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem, Massachusetts, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Massachusetts is a state rich in history and that is reflected in most of its national lands. The Boston African American National Historic Site celebrates the brave people who fought against slavery and injustice in Boston in the 19th century. Museums and trails are available. Interstates 90 and 93 are the closest interstates to the area. Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site honors the man who excelled in his field of landscape architecture. The Site is located in Brookline which is south of Interstate 90 and east of Interstate 95. Also in Brookline is the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site. This birthplace of President Kennedy is located south of Interstate 90. Longfellow House Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site has a dual meaning. It was the home of poet Henry W. Longfellow. The home also served as the headquarters for General Washington. The site is located in Cambridge which is north of Interstate 90 and west of Interstate 93.

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site is located in Salem which is northeast of Boston and east of Interstate 95. Visitors can tour the building and the tall ship. A film about the Salem Witch trials is available for an extra charge. The Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site commemorates the place where iron working skills were first brought to this nation. Saugus is north of Boston and south of Interstate 95. The Springfield Armory National Historic Site honors the achievements of those who made the ammunition at the nation's first armory.  Springfield is on Interstate 91 just south of Interstate 90 almost on the Connecticut border. The Essex National Heritage Area begins just north of Boston and continues north to the New Hampshire border. The area is 500 square miles and hundreds of historical sites, trails and water activities are in the region. Special event weekends called Trails and Sails are held periodically.

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