Friday, June 10, 2016

Travel Tales: Helpfulness of the iPhone 6

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Just before I went on my last trip, I got the new iPhone 6 Plus. I was excited to use the larger phone and I wanted to stay with Apple. Even though I knew many of the great aspects of this model, I was delighted to discover some unexpected benefits associated with travel and this phone.

When I stay in the San Fernando Valley, I always have a problem with cell phone reception. Either the location of the building is a problem or the number of apartment buildings in the area is a problem. Reception affects all carriers in the valley. That is why drivers will sometimes notice people sitting on the curbs talking on their phones. Another popular place for apartment dwellers to make calls is in the park, which has great reception and a wonderful view. This problem in the apartment where I was staying was really bad, but then I got a message on the phone telling me to consider using wi-fi calling. I contacted my carrier because I did not want to increase my bill. The option was free. How amazing! Putting the call on wi-fi was simple and the clarity of the calls increased dramatically.

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Another great feature was the ability to get HBO Now on the phone. Since the phone had such a large screen, I was able to view the movies with ease. I had brought my Apple TV with me, but I would have had a lot of work to try to connect it in the maze of wires behind the tv in the rental. The phone worked really well.

When I travel, everyone back home forgets about the time difference. I am awakened very early some mornings. That is why I decided to use the Do Not Disturb feature. That solved the problem. If my daughter needs me, she knows how to override it.

One problem with the phone seemed to affect all carriers. When I made a phone call, the person on the other end would hear a periodic beep. I did not hear it. This happened while I was in California and now while I am in Ohio. When I read the Apple forum, I noticed this happened to people no matter who the carrier was. I have taken the phone to Apple and despite several attempts, nothing has worked yet. By the way, that is the old iPhone in the photo. Next week National Lands resumes!

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