Friday, June 3, 2016

Travel Tales: In Praise of the Honda Civic

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Back in 2004 I needed to get a car. I wanted a vehicle with great gas mileage, but it also had to have a sunroof because I had a dog. I finally decided on the Honda Civic, but it was difficult to find one that was not white or silver. After a long search I found one, but I was not in love with the color at the time. I bought the car anyway. I thought that I would find exactly what I wanted in the next car I would purchase.

The Civic was the best car I had ever owned. I had very few problems with it. On my trips the car had great mpg and had no problems in the mountains. The only problem with the car was the small trunk space. Any time I went shopping I would have to figure out if the larger items would fit in the trunk. On trips fitting all the luggage into the trunk was a nightmare. Since I never took the same bags on every trip, I had to prepack the trunk every year to make sure I would not have a last minute crisis.

After I had the car for ten years, I decided to think about my next car. I loved the Civic, but the trunk was a problem. I wanted to stay with Honda. In 2015 the Fit and the HRV did offer a better cargo option, but I was not impressed with either model. As an afterthought I decided to sit in the CRV. The moment I did so, I knew it was the car for me.

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The interior of the CRV was more comfortable than that of the Fit or the HRV. I could pull things out of the back instead of lifting up and out of the Civic trunk. The gas mileage was not as good as that of the Civic, but the difference was only a few miles.

I had no reason to let go of the Civic, but I wanted the person who bought it to have a good car for many years. Still I was sad and knew parting would be difficult. I had never owned a car for so long. In March I knew the time had come. The 2015 CRVs were gone and finding a used 2016 would be impossible. Rumors on the internet speculated the CRV would be larger in 2017 and I did not want a larger car.

I wanted a certain color and did not want all wheel drive. Honda had to search a five-state area, but they found it. I was excited to be getting my first new car in decades, but I still wondered about where the Civic would go. My mechanic thought his son would want the car. If he did not, the mechanic would put the car on his lot to sell.

I gave the Civic one last wash to get the bugs from my last trip off the car. My neighbor came over to welcome me home. I told him to say goodbye to the Civic. Unbeknownst to me, that morning he had been looking for a used car since his vehicle was in bad shape. He offered me more that the mechanic had offered and we handled the paper work. He was thrilled with a good car that had never been in the winter. He fusses over that car all the time! I was happy that my beloved Civic was right next door. By the way, I absolutely love my CRV. Everyone is content!!!!!

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