Friday, July 1, 2016

National Lands: Massachusetts (Part 2)

Cape Cod beach at sunset, Race Point Beach
Cape Cod beach at sunset, Race Point Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cape Cod National Seashore is at the very southeastern tip of Massachusetts. Interstates 195 and 495 will get travelers to the area, but not close to the seashore. The beach, which contains forty miles of activities, is the north-south land that is between the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay. The Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area has 34 islands and peninsulas in a 50 square mile region. A myriad of activities await visitors in this area which is east of Interstate 93. The Black Stone River Valley National Heritage Corridor and Historical Park is located on the border with Rhode Island with Interstate 295 as the closest interstate. The corridor contains many sites that show the transition of the area from farming to industry.

Georges Island and Fort Warren in Boston Harbo...
Georges Island and Fort Warren in Boston Harbor, and part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Adams National Historical Park is the home of President John Quincy Adams. The park is located in Quincy which is on Interstate 93 south of Boston. The National Park Service reminds visitors that large bags and backpacks are not permitted in the historical homes and no storage is available. Boston National Historical Park is a 43 acre park which includes famous Boston sites such as Paul Revere's House, the Old North Church, Bunker Hill, U.S.S. Constitution and Charlestown Navy Yard. Lowell National Historical Park features the water-powered textile mills and the stories of the immigrants who worked them. Lowell is to the northwest of Boston and west of Interstate 93 near the New Hampshire border. Minute Man National Historical Park is northwest of Boston with Interstate 95 running through the center of the area. This park includes the towns of Lexington, Lincoln and Concord and honors the opening battles of the American Revolution. The New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park is located in the lower southeastern section of the state just south of Interstate 195. Guided tours are available so visitors can learn about the whaling communities.

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail covers fourteen states. In Massachusetts the trail runs along the western edge of the state and is crossed by Interstate 90. The New England National Scenic Trail is shared by Connecticut. The trail is 215 miles long and runs in the western section of the state. The Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail runs in nine states and DC. The trail travels in the eastern part of Massachusetts.

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