Saturday, February 4, 2017

National Lands: California (Part 1)

Channel Islands 10
Channel Islands 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Channel Islands National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful area. Visitors can hike and camp on the island and also kayak or dive in the Pacific Ocean. The five islands in this area are accessible by plane or boat. Visitors should research what their options are for the trip and bring the necessary supplies. Bikes are not permitted on the islands. Death Valley National Park is an extremely hot place in the summer since it is below sea level. With over three million acres of land, this park offers many hiking, camping and biking opportunities. This is a wilderness so travelers should be prepared for their physical safety and for the good working order of their vehicles. The park is located in the southern half of the state on the Nevada border north of Interstate 15. Joshua Tree National Park is located on Interstate 10 east of Los Angeles and Palm Springs. The park offers a myriad of activities in the desert environment. Hiking, camping, horseback riding and mountain climbing are just a few of the available activities. Lassen Volcanic National Park has over 150 miles of hiking trails. Boating camping, swimming and horseback riding are also available. The park is east of Redding and Interstate 5 in the northern half of the state.

English: yosemite national park mirror lake 20...
English: yosemite national park mirror lake 2010 winter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pinnacles National Park is the newest national park and is located south of San Jose and near Soledad. The area is west of Interstate 5 in the southern half of the state. Two caves are in the park and rock climbing is available. Over 30 miles of hiking trails are in the park. No road runs through the park to connect the east and west entrances. Redwood National and State Parks are located on the California coast in the northwestern corner of the state. Interstate 5 is to the east. Eureka is to the south and the Oregon border is to the north. The area is known for the giant trees and many scenic drives are in the park. The Klamath River Overlook is particularly beautiful. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks are right next to one another and both are west of Death Valley and southeast of Yosemite. Hiking, horseback riding and skiing are available. Visitors can take cave tours and scenic drives. One of the most famous parks is Yosemite National Park which is located east of San Francisco just west of the Nevada border. This is a land of incredible beauty that features a variety of landscapes. A myriad of activities is waiting for visitors. Hiking, rock climbing, camping, fishing, horseback riding and biking are only a few of them. This park can get very crowded, so visitors would be wise to make reservations for camping and lodging.

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