Sunday, February 19, 2017

National Lands: California (Part 2)

Rainbow Falls at Devils Postpile National Monument
Rainbow Falls at Devils Postpile National Monument (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lava Beds National Monument, which is located at the northern border of California, is east of Interstate 5 and west of Goose Lake. Volcanic eruptions have been occurred in this area and one of the results is the many caves. The National Park Service warns if visitors have hiking boots or shoes that have been used in caves or mines east of the Rockies, please do not bring them to hike in this area for fear of spreading a deadly fungal bat disease. Cabrillo National Monument is located on the coast in San Diego. The spot commemorates the first European explorer who set foot on the West Coast. Hiking, biking and whale watching are just some of the activities. César E. Chávez National Monument honors his leadership of farm workers to obtain better working conditions and higher wages. This park is east of Bakersfield and Interstate 5. Devils Postpile National Monument is located to the southeast of Yosemite near Mammoth Lakes. Hiking and fishing are favorite activities. The columnar basalt columns are 60 feet tall. World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument is in Hawaii, Alaska and California. Tule Lae War Relocation Center in California is part of the monument and is on the northern border of the state just north of Lava Beds National Monument. Muir Woods National Monument is located to the northwest of Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is considered part of that park. No cell phone service is available in the park. The area can get crowded and a shuttle is available.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and offers biking, hiking and horseback riding. The National Park Service website has a complete list of the myriad of activities at this popular spot. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area provides a wilderness experience just north of Los Angeles. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are the most popular activities. The park has many points of access so visitors should consult the National Park Service website to see what interests them. The park has amazing views of the valley, beaches and city. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is north of Redding on Interstate 5. Boating, fishing and swimming are available activities.

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