Monday, March 6, 2017

National Lands: California (Part 3)

Too few people know about Manzanar or its impo...
Too few people know about Manzanar or its importance to American history. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Manzanar National Historic Site commemorates the thousands of Japanese who were detained in relocation camps during World War II. Over 110,000 were kept in these military style camps. The park is located in the southern half of the state on the road between Sequoia and Death Valley. Eugene O'Neil National Historic Site honors America's only Nobel Prize winning playwright. Visitors cannot visit the park without reservations. A shuttle will pick up travelers in Danville and take them to the park. Danville is located on Interstate 680 to the east of Oakland. Fort Point National Historic Site features the fort that defended San Francisco Bay. The site is located on the property of the Presidio to the east of the bridge on the southern shore of the bay. The John Muir National Historic Site is dedicated to the man who did so much for the National Park Service. John Muir was instrumental in convincing the government to protect as national parks Yosemite,  Sequoia, Grand Canyon and Mt. Rainier. The park is located to the northeast of Oakland and south of Martinez. Interstate 80 is to the west and Interstate 680 is to the east.

The California National Historic Trail covers ten states. The trail brought people to the state for the Gold Rush. It ends in the northern part of the state. The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail brought settlers to the San Francisco area from Nogales, Arizona. The National Park Service has a list on its website of the sites along the trail in California.  The Old Spanish National Historic Trail travels through six states. The trail cuts across the state from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The Pony Express National Historic Trail commemorates the men who rode to deliver the mail across eight states from Missouri to California.

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